How do I get into Cosmopolitan?

How do I get my brand featured in Cosmopolitan magazine?

Our clients often come to us with a dream publication in mind; one that may resonate personally or is a household name, for example, “We’d like to be featured in Cosmopolitan.”

BUT it’s our job as your PR agency to ask questions like:

  • Is that really the best publication on which to focus our efforts?
  • Is your target audience 18-35 year-old women?
  • Are ‘white collar workers’ your high priority?

If you’re an adventure tour company specialising in female-friendly travel then the answer may indeed be “yes”, but if you’re trying to fill a premium cruise ship sailing around the British Isles, we’ll be looking at a very different set of media outlets to get your message across.

Which media outlet or social network surprised your organisation for PR/advertising/communications results?