CK PR began working with SHE travels in 2014 to launch its ‘SHE surfs’ experiences in Bali. Using a combination of targeted media releases accompanied with unique promotional items, media familiarisations, and individual pitches to journalists and editors, SHE surfs gained wide media exposure. This included major metropolitan and local newspapers, national magazine titles, travel trade publications, and online coverage that continues to deliver visitation to the SHE travels website.

Client feedback:

“I have been working with Christina for the last 3 years building my women’s travel business. My product is very niche, and I chose CK PR as their experience and track record in the tourism and travel industry meant a short learning curve for us both.

I’d happily say that Christina is the perfect mix of getting stuff done and moving me along to make sure I don’t forget what I promised I’d send her! CK PR is only as good as clients allow them to be; I like being prodded and gently nagged, and that approach has seen us feature in media, pull a last minute photo shoot together, and do it all while maintaining our sense of humour.

Christina is patient, direct and uncompromising when she’s on a mission to get the word out there for her clients. She’s also become a good sounding board for me as I continue to grow my business through all sorts of ups and downs. SHE’s giving CK PR two thumbs up!”

Suzanne Hart, Founder, SHE travels