How much will a PR campaign cost?

How to maximise your PR agency’s value

So you’ve decided to invest in a PR agency and want to ensure a substantial return on investment? Some great tips for making the most of your PR agency include:

  • be open about your available budget, both for PR services and for additional spending (to execute promotions, host media etc.).
  • encourage your marketing department to work with your PR agency to ensure consistency of message, leverage any media/advertising spend, and identify any other opportunities.
  • be open to new ideas – resist the urge to say “no” as a reflex.
  • let your PR person know as soon as you’ve spoken with any media to avoid doubling up and to anticipate any emerging crises or issues.
  • similar to the above, let your PR person know immediately of any incidents that could harm your organisation’s reputation – think of your PR person as your confidante.
  • always be responsive to your PR person so any media enquiries or interview requests can be handled promptly – take too long to respond and you could miss out on a great opportunity.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on getting the most out of your PR agency.